Electric Motors

Engineering electric motors from well-known manufacturers

With the electric motors from Siemens, VEM and EMK, you can count on quality, innovation and maximum efficiency. We cover the entire engine spectrum with outputs> 1 MW. Applications with synchronous and asynchronous motors, from standard electric motors to servomotors for motion control applications, right up to high voltage and direct current motors (DC motors).

Siemens electric motors


SIMOTICS electric motors from Siemens stand for quality, innovation and maximum efficiency.

The range of low-voltage motors covers a power range from 0.09 to 4000 kW.

EMK electric motors

EMK electric motors

The electric motors from EMK offer an optimized design and, thanks to their robust design, ensure powerful drive in pumps, compressors, blowers and crushers.

EMK three-phase motors are TÜV certified and impress with their high quality at favorable conditions.

VEM electric motors

VEM electric motors

VEM is an innovative, internationally active and reliable manufacturer of drive solutions in the power range from 0.06 KW to 90 MW.


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